Fritz Bleyl (1880-1966)

Fritz Bleyl was born in Zwickau in 1880 and grew up in the Erzgebirge region. Following the wishes of his parents he studied architecture at the polytechnical university in Dresden in 1901, but he dreamt of becoming a painter. During his first term he met Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, who soon became his close friend. The two ventured out to study nature and discussed their artistic ideas. After the foundation of the artists' association "Brücke" in 1905 Bleyl very actively participated in the group's exhibition projects. Specialising in graphic design he produced a number of important posters and tickets representing the group in public. Bleyl finished university in 1905. He started teaching at the Bauschule (building school) in Freiberg/ Saxony in 1906. Bleyl opted for a buorgeois life: he married in 1907 and wanted to be able to support his family. This concern brought about his decision to leave "Brücke" in the same year.

Throughout his life Bleyl carried on teaching and working as an architect, living in Rostock, Berlin-Neukölln and Brandenburg. He finished his dissertation in 1916 and traveled through the Alps and Italy. He continued his graphic work and draughtsmanship, but lead a quiet life and did not show his works in public.





Fritz Bleyl
Die Segel, 1905