An Artist’s Museum for Berlin:
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Leopold Reidemeister and Werner Düttmann
In the Garden: Sol Calero, Casa Isadora

Eröffnung 1967“My dear Mr Düttmann, now that the commotion of the opening has passed, I want to take the opportunity of thanking you once again. In building the Brücke-Museum, you have put something here, which cannot be too highly praised […]. Your building has excellent conditions and right proportions throughout. The lighting is perfect, and the landscape has been incorporated in the most delightful way. It should be certain to make every visitor happy to be there for a while. […]   Yours ever, KSR”
—Karl Schmidt-Rottluff to the architect Werner Düttmann, 25 September 1967, 10 days after the opening of the Brücke-Museum
Brücke artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, art historian Leopold Reidemeister and architect Werner Düttmann paved the way for the institution of the Brücke-Museum. The establishment of the museum was initiated by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, supported by generous donations by his friend and colleague Erich Heckel. Leopold Reidemeister, the first and longstanding director of the museum, gave conceptual guidance, and in 1964 Werner Düttmann was commissioned with the design of a suitable space for the art of the Brücke and the construction of a museum. A place which guaranteed a permanent home for the works of the Brücke artists and their contemporaries was created.

An Artist’s Museum for Berlin: Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Leopold Reidemeister and Werner Düttmann (7 May–12 August 2018) at the Brücke-Museum Berlin is a homage to the establishment of the museum 50 years ago and its protagonists. The exhibition reconstructs – on the basis of contemporary testimonies, documents and photographs – the elegant and spacious first installation of the collection from 1967, and forms a starting point from which new perspectives on the collection and its history can be explored. It shows 39 paintings, 72 prints and drawings, 7 sculptures, a glass work as well as portfolios and postcards from the museum’s collection. The presentation spans a
period of about 70 years from the early, main and late work of the artist group as well as works by companions and friends of the Brücke artists.

First in a new series of collaborations of the Brücke-Museum will be the artist Sol Calero, who will erect her Casa Isadora in the pine edged garden of the museum. This colourful pavilion will house a diverse programme of events during the coming 1,5 years. The pavilion is inspired by the MUIM Institute (Moderner Unterricht in Malerei/Modern Teaching of Painting) which Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Max Pechstein established in Berlin in 1911 and which only existed for a short time.

(Please consider that the Brücke-Museum can only present a changing selection of the collection; for further information concerning current exhibitions and works of art, please contact the museum bruecke-Museum[at]t-online.de)


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